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12-09-2012, 09:23 PM
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Originally Posted by TOML View Post
If you have season's tickets, just don't renew.
And lose our seats with our friends, with whom we've shared the highs and lows of our team for 17 years (including a home Game 7 Stanley Cup win)? Sorry, not happening.

The first step towards making the league accountable is that you don't need to watch live hockey. What are you going to miss? The atmosphere? A myth.
Wow. You have my sympathy if you don't feel the atmosphere at an NHL game. We have a blast at the games. And there is nothing - nothing - like the atmosphere of playoff hockey.

The ripoff beer prices? No thanks.
I don't drink, so those prices don't bother me. But it would certainly be easy for people who go to the games to spend $0 on food, $0 on beer/soft drinks/water/whatever and $0 on merchandise. Matter of fact, I've been doing just that for years.

The adventures in parking? Oh yeah. Done.
You need to make friends with someone who runs a parking lot. We have a reserved space, always saved for us, and we get a discount. Oh, it's 1/4 mile from the arena, a pleasant enough walk (unless it's raining).

Step three is not buying team merchandise. Chances are you already enough. If the team changes jersey colors or logos, you're still good. Retro!
Done. I hate our new logo and uniform. Haven't bought a piece of merchandise with that logo and won't. As you say, I've got 4-5 old jerseys and those will last a lifetime.

If they want to make us suffer, then it's time to make them suffer.
You make it sound like the owners and players got together and decided it would be a really fun thing to make the fans suffer.

I still think it would be a great idea for everyone in the arena to get up and walk out during the first TV commercial break. Stay in the concourse until at least the next commercial break. Two would be even better. Let them see what it would be like if they lost their fans.

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