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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
The PCHA ASTs seem to be the singular opinion of Mickey Ion, not a consensus of coaches or media types:
This has been pointed out so many times, I didn't feel the need to post it every time I mention the PCHA All-Star teams.

Mickey Ion, chief ref of the PCHA, picked the PCHA all-star teams by himself. In a previous post, I speculated as to whether he reffed all PCHA games, but the link you provide just mentions "4-5 games per week."

I'm not sure the original source of the WCHL All Star Teams.

Ion's opinion of Lehman is supported (though not on a year by year basis) by newspapers and by his early induction into the Hockey Hall of fame.


From Nalyd Psycho's profile of Lehman, here is some of the newspaper praise he received:

Western papers:

Originally Posted by Regina The Morning Leader - Oct 28, 1914
As a goalkeeper, Lesueur is still in a class by himself. They talk about Moran, Holmes, Vezina and others, but the only net guardian capable of giving Lesuer a run for the honours is Hugh Lehman
This was 1914 and Vezina and Benedict probably didn't hit their strides until a few years later. Suggests that as of 1914, Leseuer and Lehman were considered the best goalies in the world.

Originally Posted by Regina The Morning Leader - Feb 26, 1919
and last but not least, the goal-minders, who have demonstrated that they can stop the hard shots a la George Vezina and Hugh Lehman.
Suggests that as of 1919, Vezina and Lehman were the goalies all other goalies were compared to.

Originally Posted by The Regina Morning Leader Friday October 31st 1924
His contract reposes in the club's strong box, and Mr. Patrick sighed with relief when he recieved it, for Lehman has no peer today as a custodian.
One of the super-stars of the game, Lehman has no counterpart in sport on the continent
Lehman was considered the best goalie in the world (including Vezina and Benedict) by Western observers. But I would imagine they were only familiar with the Eastern leagues from the Cup finals.

Eastern Papers

Originally Posted by The Toronto World - Oct 28, 1915
Hugh Lehman, the best goaltender in the game, will be between the flags
Suggests that before Vezina hit his stride, Lehman was considered the best goalie in the world even in the East, despite limited chances at viewing him.

Originally Posted by The Toronto World - Nov 18, 1916
Holmes work last season was sensational at times, but he had nothing on Hugh Lehman
Supports Mickey Ion's opinion of the 1915-16 PCHA season where he gave Lehman 1st Team and Holmes 2nd Team.

Originally Posted by Ottawa Citizen - Mar 18, 1922
Hugh Lehman who has been a star for the last twenty years. And it could not be said that youth was served to the detriment of Lehman this time, as the veteran played equally as well as the St. Patrick's wizard.
Not really comparing him to any goalie in particular, but shows that he was getting press a "star" for the last 20 years even in the East.

Hugh Lehman will almost certainly be 1st on my list this round.

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