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Originally Posted by du5566 View Post
There is no helmet capable of reducing concussions as no helmet can stop the brain from hitting against the inner walls of the skull during a high impact collision.
Yep. The main way to reduce concussions is to reduce sudden stops and starts. Sudden acceleration and deceleration of the brain is just bad for the brain.

Helmets are great for preventing skull fractures, but of limited value in preventing concussions.

It also seems that side-to-side acceleration and whipping the head back are especially problematic. Race car drivers wear head and neck restraint systems.

Crazy idea, but could players wear some sort of neck restraint that prevents the whiplash effect and maybe even limits side to side movement?

Ideally the system would allow full movement and activate or stiffen when it senses sudden acceleration.

Another crazy idea. Neck and helmet airbags that deploy on big impacts. Holds the neck in place, prevents whiplash, and cushions impact.

Probably silly, unworkable ideas. Ah well. Unfortunately, the best way to limit concussions is probably to slow the game down and severely limit hard checking.

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