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12-09-2012, 09:32 PM
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Toronto maple leafs worth $1 bil.
is it the NHL, the league they play in
is it the fans they have.
or is the PLAYERS that play in the NHL.

if they took out all 750 players, that play in the NHL. replaced them with there ahl teams.
what would the leafs and the nhl be worth now.

its like coke cola, change the product, taste, nobody buys coke , company is worth less.
change ownership, coke stays the same.
so, i think its the product( players) that make the leafs worth $1 bil.
that's why the owners did not bring in there ahl players in to play in the NHL.
NHL needs the players not the owners. there are millions of owners out there that would love to own an NHL team, but only 700 NHL caliber players in the world.

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