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Originally Posted by Interactif View Post
Grabo is not a central piece, Kessel is. You don't build a team around Grabo. You are blind to the fact that Grabo would not be a support top 6 Center if the Leafs were actually a good team. I'm not sure it is sinking in on your brain cells as much as people try to tell you he isn't.

Playoff games are irrevelant? since when? Success leaves clues, there is a reason why players like Toews, Chara, and or Neidermayer make the playoffs and win championships, winning follows them around. And there is a reason why some players never make the playoffs.
I agree, you don't build a team around Grabovski. That means nothing. You never build your team around every top-6 forward.

Playoffs are not irrelevant, but whether a player has played in them or not is, and has no connection to how good of a player they are.

There is nobody else who is telling me your insane theories. Just you and your dog. In fact, look back and see everybody else was trying to knock some sense out of you and just gave up because you're obviously too stubborn to comprehend reality or just trolling.

Once again, either prove Grabovski is not a top-6 forward on a contending team, or GTFO. Simple.

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