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Originally Posted by Vladiator View Post
The premise under the consideration was that CHL is the best development league by a huge margin. This was proved beyond any reasonable doubt by the fact that in 2012 Draft first round, 18 picks were from CHL and only 1 from Russia. That being the case, shouldn't CHL be able to easily beat the Russian juniors, even if not all Canadian junior players are available?

This is very similar to Canada having so much depth at the senior level that it would be able to field (at least) 3 teams that would be able to compete for the Olympic gold. This is why Canada's second/third teams never have problems winning the second rate WHC competition. Oh, wait...
Can anyone name 9 Russian Superseries players that play/played in the CHL? I wonder why they were here?

As for the inane WHC babble, half of those CDN teams are players what wouldn't even be invited to try out for a 2nd CDN Olympic team. I'd think anyone who even pretends to know about hockey could take note of the list of players Canada leaves off its team would be competitive. Conversely, every other squad has players that wouldn't even be asked to try out for Canada. When you and the others stop grasping for straws to hold onto, you'll stop judging players by how national teams do and simply look at what the players do.

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