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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
One can easily flip this around and ask, if as you imply, there isn't a significant impact, why the NHL would make this a hill to die on issue.
It probably does have a significant impact. You were seeing a good but not great player in Ehrhoff getting a 10 year deal. The trend was starting to form where non-elite players were getting long-term deals.

Some have speculated that long term deals hurt the franchise value. Not sure how valid that is, but that could be another major reason.

In the other thread I mentioned that one of my old employers greatly reformed their expenditures and went from a money loser to a consistently profitable company - in part by spending more money and getting lower insurance premiums.

If more and more players get longer deals as teams try to sign guys to manageable cap hits, you could easily see the whole thing running out of control. As more and more guys get these long contracts, it forces teams not in favour of such deals to follow suit or not sign valuable player assets.

Not to mention that player retention in general can only help a franchise. Keeping your young stars give you a leg up on promotions and by extension, gate and revenue.

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