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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Not to knock Johnson specifically (I think most teams who have taken defensemen 1st overall in the past would take a "do over" if afforded the luxury of hindsight - Hamrlik and Potvin, I'd argue, being two of the few exceptions), but I don't think it's his skating that has disappointed anyone since going 1st overall.

Look, let's be clear here and point out that we're not debating his potential to develop into an NHLer here. He enters some people's conversation for 1st overall, so benefit of the doubt on that level is pretty much earned. We're talking about the 1st overall pick in a draft year deep with top-end forwards. Size, athleticism, and solid play gets you a lot farther at an earlier age in junior than it does in the NHL, so without seeing more polish displayed while also handling more responsibility, I'm on the skeptical side of his "suitability" as a contender for the top pick, honestly. It's just a matter of "value" that you have to expect on the other end. When you consider MacKinnon, Barkov, even Drouin and Monahan... Admittedly I've seen relatively little of Jones, though, and it's not like the WJC is his first and only chance on a big stage before draft day, either. It's not like I'm decided for good on him or anything.
I'm not saying hes gone from a great skater to a poor one but he doesnt look nearly as powerfull or explosive as he was in college or his first season in the league. It also could be a combination of that but also not having the confidence in himself to make the plays he used too and put his body in danger. Whatever the case is he looked like a future beast after his first 70 games in the league and I think its a little unfair to use him as some benchmark of failed all around defensmen who went #1 who didnt turn out because I really believe he hasnt been the same since the injury and we dont know how he would have developed if that never happened.

Sure size, athleticism and solid play gets you further at lower levels but the draft is also about projecting what a player will become 5-7 years down the road not whos the best player at age 17-18. You look at a players full skillset and project what kind of player they can turn into with added strength and maturity. To me this is where Jones is such a exciting prospect. To think of him as a 6"4, 225lb extremely mobile 2 way defensemen is very exciting. I would be more worried about what your arguing if when I watched him he had poor hockeysense or didnt really know how to read the game but I havent really seen that with Jones.

Everytime I watch him play he reminds me of Pietrangelo.

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