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12-09-2012, 10:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Jill Sandwich View Post
I think you guys are overrating the literary qualities of these games. They work as games because they're direct and heavily archetypical. But they are driven by the completion of tasks rather than the motivations of characters. Link and Samus are ciphers, and pure avatars for a person to collect the necessary MacGuffins to see the end credits; that won't play in a traditionally shot movie. People watch Indiana Jones movies to see Indy face conflicts and solve them because his personality and characterization makes it appealing, that doesn't work when there is no personality or characterization.

I think a Metroid movie with no dialogue, and little to no characterization could work. As an experimental film that relies more on establishing mood rather than exploring characters and plot, because the moment you make it a movie about characters and plot (a traditional movie) the wheels fall off. It ceases to be Metroid, and now it's just a blockbuster that features Metroid's artistic design.
Yeah the focus of the Metroid games just wouldn't translate to a traditional movie without horribly butchering it. While Metroid certainly has some Alien's like moments, it's primarily an action/adventure platformer with a heavy emphasis on exploration and finding upgrades. That's not something you can really make a movie out of.

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