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Originally Posted by Dojji View Post
It was "before my time" since I wasn't really watching any sports until I had a chance to get out to college. I was strictly a Sox fan back then, and followed baseball on the radio. All I remember specifically is that there was talk of a relocation to I want to say St. Louis before Kraft, Belichick and Brady came to town. I'm not actually sure fan interest was at fault. They had a decent team that had sniffed the Superbowl in I want to say 96, but lost to Favre, but for some reason the team just wasn't stable. I know I wouldn't want to move out of the New England market in favor of St. Louis if everything was smooth sailing

But the Patriots weren't a premium franchise either in terms of the NFL or New England sports before the Tuck Rule Game, that's for danged sure. They were one of the big 4, sure, but for everyone claiming they were always a Patriots fan, somewhere between 1/3 and 2/3 of them aren't telling the truth
Originally Posted by du5566 View Post
The Sullivan family sold the team to Victor Kiam in 1988 and the team went on a torrid run of mediocrity rarely seen in the NFL by any team not named the Bucs or Saintths. Kiam then sold the team to a fella from St Louis whose name escapes me and whose sole intention was to move the team to his home town. Kraft whom I believe was a minority owner at the time stepped in and bought the franchise to keep it in New England.

Bob Orthwein. I also found this

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