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12-09-2012, 10:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Ziggy Stardust View Post
As Bettman pointed out during his epic press conference this past week, they have gone through 4 executive directors over the past 8 years. On top of that, they have had a number of other members of their board leave, either by force or voluntarily due to butting heads. Guys like Trent Klatt, Steve Larmer and Trevor Linden stepped down or were forced out.
Don't forget Mike Gartner as well who was a prominent figure in the NHLPA for years. When good, reputable guys like this are no longer part of the equation it makes you wonder. And let's face it, aside from a guy like Paul Kelly who seemed to have the game of hockey on a pedestal and actually appeared to care about the future of the game, can we name one NHLPA leader that wasn't a rascal?

Eagleson - No need to explain
Goodenow - terrible negotiator from day one
Saskin - reminded me of someone who got into a movie theatre through the back door without anyone even knowing
Fehr - No need to explain

Originally Posted by vadim sharifijanov View Post
and those are just the high profile ones we know about.

i also think of all the stupid holdouts we've seen over the years. sure, if you're joe sakic you'll make that money back and much more. but a guy like petr nedved, you just threw away two million dollars to slowly make it back over the next two or three years. in the end, you've broken even and lost a year of development. but a lot of these guys are 22 year old kids, what do they know other than what their agents tell them?
Well and that's the thing, why do you put all this trust in one person? It is your agent and all, but if you are about to leave a team you love and have roots don't you think it is important to ensure that YOU hear what the GM is offering? If Bobby Orr and Harry Sinden were in the same room together Orr retires a Bruin, plain and simple. I also can't imagine Ryan Smyth and Kevin Lowe being unable to negotiate a reported $100,000 difference to stay in Edmonton. Both those players left town when the truth is they'd have been better served just walking into the GM's office and saying: "Look I want to hear it from YOU that this is the offer."

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