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Originally Posted by the edler View Post
you can say this about sergei fedorov too, he only scored 100 two times, the next best season was 87 ... modano and fedorov were coached play so much defence in dallas and detroit that the offense suffered ... modano was a ppg player in the playoffs on a cup winning team while playing a lot of defense, and was conn smythe worthy
Fedorov was on pace for 100 in both 92-93 and 94-95. And Modano's defense was considerably overrated.

Originally Posted by Regal View Post
Zetterberg frequently makes people's top 10 player lists due to his two way abilities and playoff numbers, whereas Kovalchuk is repeatedly criticized for being only a scorer and having no playoff success. While Kovalchuk with most likely go down as the better player all-time, a lot of people would take Zetterberg over him.
I haven't seen either of these things happening (Z on top-ten lists or Z over Kovalchuk) but since Z has entered the league, he's averaged a mere 8 fewer points per 82 games than Kovalchuk while playing Selke level defense compared to Kovalchuk's below average to average D. In the past three seasons, the gap has closed to four points.

But this comparison doesn't quite work out perfectly; Selanne is/has been better than Kovalchuk defensively, while Modano has NEVER been as good as Zetterberg defensively. It's a tighter scoring gap and a wider defensive gap. If you vote Kovalchuk, you have to vote Selanne. If you vote Modano, you have to vote Zetterberg. Voting Selanne or Zetterberg can go either way, of course.

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