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Originally Posted by TurdFerguson View Post
The odds of O'Reilly getting traded are extremely low.

Case 1:
If the lockout ends this season, then he is an RFA and the Avs need to at least match the contract given in the KHL; at this point they can trade him. If the Avs do not, then either he stays in the KHL or another team offers him more and gives the Avs whatever compensation the new CBA stipulates. They may also trade his rights to another team, who then still needs to match the KHL contract.

Case 2:
If the lockout doesn't end this season, it is my understanding that O'Reilly would be a UFA when the new CBA is agreed upon (of course this is contingent on what the CBA states). Then any team may sign him, but it still must match his KHL contract.

So if he is traded, it would likely be for his rights as an RFA, which wouldn't be very valuable since the KHL contract must be high for the Avs to reject matching it.
How could he possibly become a UFA? The Avs will still hold his rights. How did you come up with that. The Avs will hold his rights no matter what. How would the new CBA possibly change that? I've seen nothing in their negotiations stating 22 year olds become UFAs, sorry.

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