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12-09-2012, 11:06 PM
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Originally Posted by vadim sharifijanov View Post
i'll leave it to people who live in those cities to speak for themselves. but my guess is that both calgarians and edmontonians would object to you classifying them as culturally similar.

i would also guess that those out west would respond by calling you a typical toronto attitude, painting everything west of mississauga with broad stereotypes. (i think that probably came out aggressively, but i mean it as good natured ribbing and an acknowledgement that we also unfairly stereotype torontonians.)
To be fair, Torontonians are one of a few types of people that you CAN stereotype accurately. I won't lie.

Originally Posted by Hobnobs View Post
and 20 years later he's at it again but this time its Elias. Face it, the man is a racist. No question about it. There is no excuse for bullying your own teammate because of ethnicity. No matter how much money uve put where your mouth is. Bunch of Don Cherry excuses.
I think it is important to hear each side of the story first, don't you? I mean I'm a huge hockey fan and this is the first I ever heard of this from Sutter. He isn't exactly an ex-teammate people speak ill about.

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