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12-09-2012, 11:20 PM
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I would put it out like this now

Chances to be drafted 1# in the 2013 draft: IMO

Mackinnon 40% - For a top 3 he is 100%. Highly thought to go #1, but there is a chance that Barkov or Jones will go 1 on draft day if they can shine the rest of the season.

Jones 30%
Barkov 25%

I dont see them dropping really, atleast Jones. Barkov might drop to #4 or #5 but thats also unlikely. Both have a chance to go 1 if they can keep on impressing and make great plays.

Monahan / Lindholm / Drouin : 5 %

Realistically i dont see anyone from these guys rising all the way to 1, i see them going on the 4-8 picks. Drouin might have a small chance to rise potentially to the #3 spot, but to do that he needs to pass either Barkov or Jones wich is very unlikely.

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