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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
There was a time when you could have put Selanne a notch below Jagr.
In 1997-98, 22 of 53 voters put Selanne a notch above Jagr.

And re-reading this thread, it still irks me that people hold it against Selanne for playing injured from 2000-2004. It's as if he'd be respected more had he just not played hockey, because people feel the need to average a 52 Goals in 73 Games season with a 16 Goals in 78 Games season as if the number is going to mean anything to anybody. Don't give him any credit at all for San Jose and Colorado, but don't strip away what he did in Anaheim and on Team Finland because of it.

Originally Posted by vadim sharifijanov View Post
no team built around an elite scoring winger won anything in that era (case in point: jagr's pens when mario was out of the lineup). every team that won was either deep with two-way talent down the middle or had two giant centers (modano/nieuwendyk, arnott/holik, sakic/forsberg, fedorov/yzerman). so in those years, if your end goal is to win playoff rounds and not rack up hart nominations, i think yeah you could make a reasonable argument that you'd rather build your team around modano.
So Modano is better to build around because he was present on one of only four teams to actually accomplish something in those 9 years? It wasn't just Modano and Nieuwendyk; Dallas had Zubov, Hatcher, Lehtinen, and Belfour. It wasn't just Arnott and Holik; New Jersey had Stevens, Niedermayer, Elias, and Brodeur. It wasn't just Sakic and Forsberg; Colorado had Ozolinsh, Foote, Lemieux, and Roy. It wasn't just Fedorov and Yzerman; Detroit had Shanahan, Lidstrom, Murphy, and Chelios.

At any point from 1997-2000, an elite winger like Jaromir Jagr or Teemu Selanne or Paul Kariya would have been the best skater on these teams, but it takes more than one or two skaters to win a Stanley Cup; it takes a village. Who was the HOF defenseman for the Pittsburgh Penguins or the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim? Who was the HOF goaltender? Dallas, New Jersey, Colorado, and Detroit: They didn't just have two centers; they're the three best defensive teams and the team with the best playoff goaltender. Hell, New Jersey and Colorado both won without a #2 center, because of the defense and goaltending.

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