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12-09-2012, 11:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Live in the Now View Post
Don't hate Rory at all, but yes he should beat a top ten fighter before he gets his shot. Would prefer that to be against Condit, but a fight against Ellenberger would be another good one.
I think Brydon on Sportsnet wrote that he thinks Rory's next opponent should be Ellenberger and should he win that, take on Condit.

I think a Rory/GSP fight is unlikely. Looking ahead to 2013, I see the following for these 2 guys.

GSP fights Diaz in April/May. Then takes on Hendricks in Oct/Nov. That sets him up for the superfight with Silva in 2014.

Rory fights Ellenberger in Mar - May, then fights Condit in Sep-Oct. If he is successful in both fights, then a title shot would be in order in 2014.

Chances are, GSP decides he's done with the WW division since he's doing the superfight with Silva.

Rory, if GSP decides to remain at WW needs to determine if he can physically grow into a MW fighter. He does appear to have the frame to pack on some more weight. Rogan was talking about Rory weighing close to 200 lbs, so if he packs on another 10 lbs of muscle, that takes him to 210 and he would have to cut about the same amount of weight to make MW as he does now to make WW.

It's important for Rory to continue to train with Tri-star and get better over the next year. See what happens in 2014, but 2013 appears to be set with those 2 fights for each fighter.

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