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Originally Posted by Bomber0104 View Post
Okay well first of all. Yes, Kessel and Grabovski were playing together in 2010/2011. The fact that you don't even know this basically ruins what little credibility you think you have. They played even more together in 2009/2010.

Oh but now you're admitting they did! (am I still a liar?)

Oh but now Grabo was worse back then? Is that so? Well you can't even seem to remember correctly who he played with so what gives you the impression you remember how he played?

You're an absolute joke of a poster.

I've been here years and I've never seen such a silly act.
In the 09-10 season Kessel and Grabovski don't even show up in each other's top 10 teammates by shared icetime. Grabovski has more icetime with: Hagman, Blake, Ponikarovsky, Kulemin, and even Caputi. Had they spent more than 15.6% of their icetime together Grabovski would have showed up in Kessel's top 10.

In the 10-11 season only 13.9% of Grabovskis icetime was shared with Kessel, he makes it in at 10th spot. In comparison, he shared 80% of his icetime with Kulemin and MacArthur.

These things are checkable, you know. Perhaps it's you who isn't remembering things very clearly. Grabovski has in fact never spent any significant stretch with Kessel as a winger.

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