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12-10-2012, 01:43 AM
Avoid Catalina...
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Originally Posted by SniperHF View Post
If you already have 3gb of DDR 2 I'm not sure I'd bother upgrading it. 3Gb should be plenty for HTPC applications. Plus it's easy to jam the extra in later if you have problems.

Now if you have to get into a new motherboard you'll need DDR3 RAM, but 4gb is really cheap these days.

It's pretty rare you can't mount a motherboard in any case. Now you may have some alignment issues but that's nothing a dremel can't fix. Maybe compare the mount positions of your motherboard to another standard board?

I noticed you didn't list a CPU though. Do you already have one?

If you don't have one, or have issues with your motherboard / case situation you might get a cheap APU combo.

Not an APU but it would still work.

Those kinda combos offer a lot of computing power for not much money, probably improved video performance too if you are running high resolutions.

Keep in mind some of those boards might obsolete any PCI cards you have. Same with the Hard drives if they are IDE. So there are some potential serious cost increases if you end up needing a new board.
Yes CPU on the motherboard already. For now, I have narrowed it down to these two cases:

They are both bigger than what I want, but the only decent ones I have found that would fit my ATX motherboard.

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