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12-10-2012, 12:45 AM
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That's BS to go after Buddy Nix for this. Gailey has had the personnel to win at least 2 of the losses we have incurred (I won't count the game today because our line was decimated). Nix has brought in Gilmore, Glenn, Dareus, and a plethora of solid role players in the draft while also making us a team who can spend in the free agency. The way I see it, we are a playoff team with a new 2nd receiver and a decent OLB. This team is a disappointment but at least for once we can directly address the issues rather than try to piece together some semblance of a decent squad in the off-season. All of the crap I'd like to give Fitzpatrick is negated today by the fact that he must have been hit 15 times and that he made good throws on 3rd down for once. Why those balls weren't caught is beyond me. The real issues I have is why Donald Jones refuses to block, why Scott Chandler goes down like a sack of **** everytime a corner back touches him, and why Chan Gailey has no concept of clock management at all.

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