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12-10-2012, 12:48 AM
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Originally Posted by DatsyukToZetterberg View Post
I just looked at the box score and saw Ferraro had 2 goals, has he shown that he could possibly play in a top 6 now? I've got the feeling that he ends up as a Right Handed Cleary, able to use his speed and grit to play anywhere in the top 9. The fact he's got a great shot only helps his case.
He'll never be on the level of a healthy Cleary but I think he'll be a guy you can bump into your top 6 and not be too worried about it. He has enough finish that he can get a good shot off if a decent center is setting him up but doesnt have the scoring knack Cleary does. I really doubt Ferraro ever puts up 26 goals in 60 something games.

He'll be more of a strong third liner and the type of player you win games with. He plays great defensively, is fast, hits and will sacrifice for the team. Whether its a blocked shot or fighting a guy twice his size like tonight he'll do it. Hes quickly rising to the top of my list of favourite prospects.

As for the game tonight. Shaw did better then I expected and managed a draw out of Smith, thats a battle we're going to see plenty of down the road. Aubry did pretty good against a very legit fighter and hes still as skinny as a noodle. Once he gets to the weihgt he should be he'll be man handling most guys.

Mccollum is starting to give me the feeling that we wont lose because of him anymore, but Mrazek is still clearly better.

I dont have a problem with Callahan at all tonight. In a game like that he got jumped from behind and somehow got an extra 2 for carrying on an altercation (weak call) and then a guy comes right over into the bench at one point trying to fight. I'm more disappointed that Grant didnt do something out there with guys like Beach running around

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