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12-10-2012, 01:07 AM
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Originally Posted by DL44 View Post
There will always be exceptions... Of the 90 present contracts.. There will likely be what... 5? 10? 3?

And Datsyuk.. It's yet to be determined whether he will be a $6.7 mil value in his 6th or 7 th yr. But a good example for an exception...

I.e. If Datsyuk was UFA this past offseason... Would he of been signed for greater than/less than/equal to $6.7 mil/yr? That's the quick easy test for any contract's current perceived value.

I think he should be, but agree that he's an outlier. The things he brings to a team are, well, everything you'd want in a complete player. He makes everyone around him better.

I've always agreed that GMs should have preferentially stuck to shorter contracts. It makes retooling more efficient. It mitigates risk for a team in that a player's contribution year to year is easier to predict vs from today to ten years from now, although there are charts that at least help you make a fairly educated guess about the decay rate by position.

Why did that fall by the wayside? Two things--- the lack of talent that can set a team apart to a substantial level (Datsyuk being one that can) coupled to an inflationary economic system as far as labor costs. It's not that Datsyuk cost the Wings more from year 1 of his contract to year 7, but that the cap range since he signed that contract has almost doubled.

That money MUST be spent whether there's a Datsyuk to offer it to or not. I think this is the key element that gets overlooked by the posters who back the NHL. It's not really that you have to choose to back one or the other, but to consider what is actually happening economically due to the system imposed on everyone. In other words, teams can' take their foot off the gas pedal and say, "I don't have a 27 yr old Datsyuk around whom I can build a contender that will win a Cup, so I'd prefer to spend $40- 45 MM overall instead of $55-65 MM overall. It's just not a choice.

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