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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
Surely you understand the importance the Russian teams put on those exhibition games. They were still behind the iron curtain. the soviets were coming over to showcase their superiority (what they were told anyways) over the NHL system, whose teams didn't have the type of control over it's players like the soviets did.

NHL teams were playing long seasons for a chance to play for the Stanley Cup. For the most part it was an exhibition to them. To draw too much inference on those results to the strength of the Soviet league at that time would be misleading to say the least.

You often post on soviet players surely you understand the difference?
I agree that the exact record of the Soviets shouldn't be taken at face value. It's one thing to play an exhibition game between two regular season games and another to fly abroad and play a series of exhibitions during a week-long break from the regular schedule. Had NHL teams visited the Soviet Union (like the Flames and Capitals did in September 1989) as often as the Soviets visited NA then I think the results would have been more telling. But you were suggesting - I guess unwittingly - that the exhibition games counted in the Soviet standing and that is really too much said.

BTW I'm not so sure the Soviets were told they were superior to the NHL. Superior in certain aspects yes, but superior in general? That's not the picture you get when reading what Soviet coaches and players had to say.

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