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12-10-2012, 02:02 AM
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Originally Posted by SaintAnton View Post
Been moving up divisions slowly with my beer league team and we're at a point now where we need to bring our a game to win. It's been much more fun knowing that each night is going to be close no matter how well you play (but if we play poorly we get shelled ).

One of the guys who plays with us really can't stick at the level... He's been subbing for parts of previous seasons and even then he really couldn't keep up; however, now that the team needs to be going 100% to win it's gotten much more frustrating.

The other side to it is he isn't hustling or working hard each shift he's skating with his head down, dragging his feet, taking LONG shifts (this really irks me), and just looks dis-interested (I don't know maybe he is). It's getting to a point where our captain is yelling at him from the bench trying to give him instruction and just getting increasingly frustrated.

Right now I'm trying to look for any little things he's doing right and point them out "hey great job moving the puck out of our zone" / "way to slow them down with a poke check". He's not the most socially involved with the locker room so I'm not sure anyone would be crushed to see him go; but at the same time he's a good guy and I can't name anyone who dislikes him.

So does there come a point when you tell a guy maybe this isn't a good fit; or is that always a jerk move in beer-leagues (cause having a good time comes first).
You sound like a kind individual to look after your teammate and imagine what's best for him.

Your question is a good one. I think it would be fair to inquire (privately) into how he's feeling and if he does still want to play, or at that level. Could be he does want to quit/drop down and talking about it might create the space to reflect and be honest with himself. I'm guessing he would choose to stay and is a bit of a funny individual.

I don't have the heart to break the news to someone they're not good enough to hang. I'd rather let them figure it out themselves and instead give them affirmations of the positive they are doing, like you said.

This season we've had 2 (now may be 3) weaker skaters join the team, but you know what? They are so frickin pumped to play I can see it on their face and they go hard! To me that's what it's all about. On the other hand our goalie (who is a friend) has had a few rough games and says he's questioning playing 2nd half. He doesn't go to s&p anymore or get as excited about equipment/playing, or ice hockey in general. I hope he stays with it but if he needs to take a break to rekindle his fire so be it.

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