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12-10-2012, 03:21 AM
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He has the tools. He doesn't need to have beaten anyone of value for that to be figured out. The guy's best win is over Mike Pyle, let's not treat him like he has this amazing resume that other fighters can only dare to match up to. Ellenberger's is every bit as good.

Re: Condit, losing a fight to the #1 guy doesn't mean that you aren't the #2 guy at 170. He is the #2 guy. The UFC is going to make title fights with less talented challengers, that's their prerogative, but I'd take Condit against every other welterweight in the company and I don't even like him.

I answered the question perfectly fine. If Rory is not going to fight for the belt at 170 he should not get fights against all of the best guys in the division. Pretty straight forward. I already said that. Maybe you should read the posts again.

What gives Rory standing? Well his 14-1 record for one. And the fact his only loss comes against your anointed #2 guy in a back and forth fight where Condit was almost down and out. He has a better record and has already beaten a former champion.

Can you say that about Ellenberger? Why no, no you cant.
He has a better record in what way? Ellenberger has fought better fighters and is 7-2 in the UFC. MacDonald is 5-1. Ellenberger also lost to Condit in a very similar fight to the MacDonald fight. As such this would be a good matchup. I don't get caught up in names, I deal with facts. BJ Penn is a shot fighter and not a top welterweight, a win over him holds very little value other than getting the scalp and name on his record. I put zero stock in it. If you'd like to hold that up as a wonderful achievement feel free.

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