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Originally Posted by vadim sharifijanov View Post
like, for example, take the same colorado teams but replace sakic and forsberg with kariya and selanne. or those wings teams with kariya and selanne instead of fedorov and yzerman. you can't tell me with a straight face that those teams would have won any cups.
Well that's not really fair. You're asking me to replace one position with another, in essence giving Colorado or Detroit only two centers and an excess of two wingers, meaning someone is playing against their strength - which is something Colorado or Detroit would have addressed with a deadline deal (like shipping out Deadmarsh instead of Rolston, for example). But I'll bite for the Bourque years.

2000 Colorado Avalanche

Now you tell me: Don't you think that this team stands a better chance than the actual Mighty Ducks of Anaheim? The ones without the defensemen and HOF goaltending? Because it's just not fair to pin this on the star wingers of the Anaheims and Pittsburghs of the league who not only lacked centers but those positions as well. Though now that I think about it, the Mighty Ducks were 40 minutes away from winning a Stanley Cup without Selanne and legitimate #1 centers and defensemen too...

Or how about we look at the next year's Avalanche. You know, the ones who didn't have Forsberg for the last two rounds and saw Sakic miss much of Round 2 with a separated shoulder and still won:

2001 Colorado Avalanche
de Vries-Skoula

Improved second-line offensive depth because Hejduk can drop down instead of Hinote moving up to cover Forsberg's absence, and Tanguay shifts back to the position he originally played.

So this is my straight face: Kariya and Selanne for Sakic and Forsberg in 2001? With Sakic missing a decent chunk of the LA series (and playing ineffectively in the rest) and Forsberg missing the final two series, it's practically a one-for-two trade outside that Vancouver series. The Colorado Avalanche win the Stanley Cup; it's just Roy or Kariya handing it off to Bourque instead of Sakic. Or we could just put a Bourque, a Roy, a Lidstrom, a Brodeur, a Stevens, or a Belfour on Anaheim and Pittsburgh and not expect the wingers to save the day with three or four goals every night.

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