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12-10-2012, 05:50 AM
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Originally Posted by ZZamboni View Post
Simply ....

If I drop my season tickets, I won't have the opportunity to get a pair of seasons anywhere in the building for 10+ years. The waiting list is well over 2,000 last time I read. So, I will absolutely positively not give up my tickets. Unless I can't afford them anymore, or hate the sport, or move out of the area. This is my second lockout as a STH, I am aware of the risk of being one and accept that risk. I am not a big merch buyer. Never have been. I buy a hat every couple years, that's about it.

Those that are so upset about spending money on tickets, then stop! All the more available to other fans

And there are plenty.
That's the thing. In big markets dropping your ST's won't make a difference cause there's someone else in the line who would be very happy to buy them. I suppose getting rid of your ST as a Leafs fan doesn't make much sense.

It's a very different story for small market teams.

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