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12-10-2012, 07:27 AM
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Originally Posted by CharaTriedToEatMe View Post
Not really. The team would be half prospects like Spooner and Knight, and then guys like Mottau or Exelby who have played in the NHL but the phone calls from NHL teams have stopped and they are on the periphery.

The rosters wouldn't look that bad when you add in the fact that at least half of the players union would jump ship immediately and join teams.

If it happens I would just like to see players who ran their mouth blackballed.

I am not pro owner but if they want to give me a cheaper product and stick it to the whiney ungrateful players that is fine by me.

Most of these guys are just stupid kids who have spent 5 hours a day their entire lives in hockey rinks and should be working for minimum wage or close.

The players could have taken a deal last week and given the fans hockey before Christmas. It was more important that they let Fehr win a PR battle. I'd love to see Jacobs and friends screw them hard. Make a maximum salary in the new NHL something like 2-3 mil.
I don't see it happening with ahl players.. if there was going to be scabs they'd be the north americans playing overseas before this season and some others. I don't see it happening at all since some of those guys wouldn't want that type of backlash if this happened. I mean look at some of the baseball players thats crossed the lines back in 94.. they were shunned.. and i think those guys we're in the right.

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