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12-10-2012, 07:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Schenn View Post
Your exams sound so formal. This is how mine went on Thursday.

Walk into normal classroom to find my class, and prof watching Trailer Park Boys Clips on the big screen.
Then we write the test.
Then we continue watching Trailer Park Boys.

I wish mine were like that...

Originally Posted by Chandrashekhar Limit View Post
Grant, that sounds like a **** up of epic proportions . I'm pretty sure someone's getting canned over that.

Schenn, all Uni exams are like that. They're really uptight and lame.
The profs faced looked like on the inside he was saying '****!'

Originally Posted by kamosko View Post
Ha! I am the richest in the LL. Suck it grant
Hate you!

Originally Posted by Chandrashekhar Limit View Post
While kamo and I are chilling in our vMansions, you poor folks can keep on grinding it day in day out.

Get on our level.
I'm jealous.

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