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Originally Posted by swimmer77 View Post
So I'm asking..........I'll list some yes or no questions...............just wondering about protocol as personally I don't have experience with unions. Thanks.

1. If a union member expresses his/her concerns in private to a union rep, does a union rep offer them to the negotiating committee or just ignore them?

2. Is it an acceptable practice for a union rep to listen to ideas of fellow member(s), disagree with them and proceed to share those ideas with others in an effort to demean that individual?

3. Is it possible that an individual who has shared an opinion more than once with either # 1. a player rep and/or # 2. a member of the negotiating committee had reasonable expectations that his/her concerns would be shared respectfully?

4. Under what circumstance(s) is it deemed necessary that a union hold a vote to determine whether or not a CBA will be accepted or not?(not yes or no)

5. Is it customary to at least poll your constituents on certain issues to ascertain the proper direction to serve all constituents?

I'm just wondering the responsibilites of a player / union rep. Again, thanks.
I've been on a bargaining committee a couple times. Generally speaking you canvas as much information from members as possible prior to serious bargaining. Once bargaining starts only selected information is given back to the members. The main goal is to keep everyone strong and united. Also you know there is always a chance if strategy details are shared with members this can and likely be leaked back to management/owners.

That being said, if a union member approaches someone on the bargaining committee they will be listened to, but more for the ability to put out fires then alter the bargaining committee's position. This however has limits, if someone approaches a member of the bargaining committee and says you have been going off the rails and I've been in contact with a 100 people who agree with me. You bring this back to the comittee and make a judgement on how influencial the person is. If they are influencial enough you definately should be listening to what they are telling you otherwise you just may walk off a cliff. Because if they start working with management against you, you are ******. Ideally you try to bring them back on side or you make somesort of compromise and adjust your stradegy accordingly. All behind the sceens of course.

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