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12-10-2012, 07:17 AM
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Originally Posted by EverettMike View Post
Also, NBC would say goodbye.

Nobody would air those games. And even locally, who would advertise during a hockey game that might score a 0.5 rating?
OK, so I'll give you NBC deciding they might air Equestrian or Skiing Sunday afternoons.

Do you think VS refuses to air NHL games?

How about NESN? They refuse to air the B's? Now yah I guess the Sox won't get bumped to the alternate for the B's in the playoffs but that is about it. They'll show the games instead of Charlie Moore reruns.

And with NBC they signed a deal knowing the lockout could take place. I am sure the powers at be would assure them that the talent would slowly trickle back into the NHL.

Stick it to the players. The best deal they are going to get is on the table and they don't want to give the fans who pay their salaries hockey in time for Christmas and want Donny Fehrs ego to not take a blow.

I want to drink and go to playoff games this spring I am cool with replacement players and watching the primadonnas get screwed.

These guys are fiddling while Rome burns.

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