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Originally Posted by Grabbers View Post

I saw the Raiders 4-2 loss (EN goal) much the same but I didn't think the game was overly physical. The Refs were strange with their calls letting some foolishness go while clamping down on some meaningless activity. I would say more chippy then physical with punches, slashes and crosschecks going mostly unpunished.

CP was flying in the first and the best player on the ice may have been the older Edwards. I think he must have gotten hurt because he didn't return after the first (I am sure the numerous CP fans on here will know more). A fight later in the first seemed to awaken my Raiders as they played better after the "take down."

We are still missing Norris, Hodgson and Williams. I'll be glad when they return. I think both Yarwood and Milito could find themselves on defence once all hands are on deck. I liked what I saw of both of them this afternoon - both seemd willing to clear the front of the net and give out more than they take (Milito especially in his own end). Vered and Llorca were just average this afternoon on the backend - efficient I would say.

It seemed to me that all our scoring chances were from the outside or the side wall and for the second game in a row our PP didn't deliver (this time on a 4 minute man-advantage at the end of the first) when we needed it. I thought Watt played an energetic game but Nasca certainly needs to provide more (at least until the aforementioned injured are healed).

I thought both goalies were pretty good (and perhaps could have garnered star consideration) and "Z" was helped out by his goalposts on three or four occasions (if you ask him I'm sure he'll tell you that's all he gave them and his angles were on). He made a couple outstanding glove saves - especially one in the second - to keep the game close.

Still overall an entertaining game. I am also looking forward to Smiths Falls later this week.

Finally - and on a humerous note - two of the three stars were verbally announced at the games completion for the Raiders and...wait for went to Norris! Also Hedges and Neil were awarded assists on our first goal but it was a CP turnover at the side of the net and a failure to cover the puck that allowed Rodier to dive in and poke it home. No other Raider touched it - but we'll take the extra apples! This seemed to be the theme as assists were awarded to CP players whom didn't touch the puck or were not on the ice. Garrod inparticular seemed to struggle (perhaps I need to go back to the recent referee post on HF Boards) in this regard.
JC was pissed that he took those penalties and sent him off.

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