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12-10-2012, 07:55 AM
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we drafted a goalie?
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I take it all back - don't watch Homeland. It will suck you in despite gaping plot holes and some basic common sense hangups like the CIA letting a KNOWN terrorist who attempted to bomb a large component of the President's cabinet not only spend time alone with the future presidential nominee, but then there's the major stuff I won't bother with - like a tactical team member just letting his team walk away from him while he breaks silence to chit chat with a tag-along agent and then discovers a hiding place for the #1 wanted terror leader and never bothers to even call his team in on comms despite the mic hanging right there on his cheek. Oh, sorry I said I wouldn't do that.

If you can't remove reality from your geo-political thriller mind stay far, far away from this series. I unwittingly allowed myself to get pulled in and now I blame the NHLPA for it getting this far. If I had hockey to watch, I never would have gone so wrong.

1 more episode then I'm pulling the eject handle and hoping I hit my head on the canopy and forget all about this show.

Awards? For what - Best Unrealistic Drama in a Realistic Setting?



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