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Originally Posted by EverettMike View Post
This must be why MLS soccer is huge.

Also, the NHL would probably have to fold after the triple damages they pay in an anti-trust loss to the old players. This wouldn't be the USFL suing the NFL, this owuld be the best players suing the best league. This is why decertification scared the NFL and NBA enough to get a deal done within weeks of it happening.

This scenario is just not realistic. And the fact so many are eager to see the best players in the world no longer play is very strange to me. I have my theories why, but it certainly is not going to help this conversation.
The popularity of MLS is more likely due to the fact that they are just starting to grow the sport in Canada and the US. The league is what, 12 years old? But if you want to reach like that all the power to you.

Also, you make a rather large assumption that NHL players would win any such anti-trust lawsuit. That's hardly a guarantee which is why it's not a path that ever gets followed through with.

I also think you're reaching on decertification, if it truly scared both the NFL and NBA the players wouldn't have been the ones to lose the ever major concession in both CBA's. Was there a "we agree to everything the owners wanted but in case anyone is wondering we won because we decertified" statement that came out or something? Both went to the 50/50 split the owners wanted and the PA's rebuked. Why not just save every one some time and give the owners what they want now if that's the plan?

I honestly agree though, not realistic. The players won't be moving to Russia to play hockey for a pittance, they're hoping the owners cave a bit more on their demands but make no mistake they know exactly what they have in the NHL. Even if they give into every owner demand there isn't a hockey league in the world that can come anywhere close to the NHL in terms of salary, player benefits, and marketability. I'm just honestly surprised at how many think players in the NHL are irreplaceable. It happens every day and the NHL continues to go on.

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