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Originally Posted by Emerald76 View Post
Just completed what may be a very important week regarding the destination of Ireland 1.I league title come the end of the season in soccer.

Played all 3 of my main challengers, 2 away from home, and picked up a maximum 9 points - albeit to the detriment of my players seasonal energy!

On the plus side, I'm 5 points clear, and the 3 main rivals lost out on their energy usage in those games too - so me walking away with the spoils feels great!

My weakness though, is failing to apply the same meticulous detail that goes into the big games to the not-so-big-games.

9 games in, I've picked up maximum points while scoring 43 goals and shipping just 3.
I have to make sure I take care of the games I should win, which has been my downfall over the last few seasons.
That sounds boring as hell I'm not sure if I'd even bother playing if I was winning every game in the top division. And I do the same thing with weaker teams. I think I've learned my lesson, but you never know when I'm going to heck out mentally.

Originally Posted by old time hockey4 View Post
I didn't get a good one on thursday, but did pull a very solid CD the thursday before that:

C/L 6/6, AvQ 81, 89/69/89/85/86. Best part is his OR is already 436, liking that with basically 90 more days still in this season, he's been training at an average of 1.5 so far.
Nice player! Very impressive OR. That's the only thing that makes me want to build SA14. The best guy I just pulled was 391or. The other guy I just scouted has 371 or. He's not as good as O'Shea, but decent Qs for a CD. 73/76/69/80/85 and a shot Q of 90. Neither one is training as well as your guy

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