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12-10-2012, 08:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Ogopogo View Post
Orr is behind Phil because he didn't play a full career. Unlike many, I don't give him credit for games not played and assists not earned. If he could have stayed healthy, he could have finished higher.
I am no longer sure of your methodology, but I have to ask, does it now give points for peak value and "per game" value how is that peak measured? Given that Orr lead all players in assists by larger margins and from a much different position which was more difficult to produce offense from.
69-70: 55% more assists than #2(Esposito)
70-71: 34% more assists than #2(Esposito)
71-72: 19% more assists than #2(Esposito)
72-73: came in 2nd, but missed quite a few games and had a significant better Assist per game than #1, showing that one a per game basis, he was the best playmaker.
73-74: 17% more assists than #2(Esposito)
74-75: Tied for 1st

Esposito had the 68-69 season where he had 15% more assists than the next guy, but the other seasons in which he led were by 1-3 assists and no significant gap over #2.

Surely that should count for something in your ranking.

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