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Originally Posted by DL44 View Post
That one is easy.
These long term contracts are like lottery tickets for the players that get em. Set for life no matter what happens...
Owners however Are concerned what happens when things go poorly. Owners pay the price. Insurance has it's limitations. Premiums rise. Etc.
Owners are concerned the dollars will not be going to the players that deserve them. 5 yr limits ensure their mistakes are limited... And dollars turned over to the correct players. Easier to reconstruct rosters.
There was only one purpose to long contracts... As evidenced by the fact there was only one signed pre-lockout.. And it was by Milbury.

And now on a more emotional tangent:
Not a single long term contract will end well for the players who have them... Not a single one. Fans will not remember or care about the great value players were early on... Just the massive burdens they've become. I feel bad for (some) the players already experiencing it actually... Kipper hate gets to me for example. Anyways...
Agree entirely. here's the example in my backyard. Shea Weber. No way he's worth what we're paying. I wish we were further along in the development of the franchise and could have let him walk. He's going to be an albatross around our neck in the future and already has had several concussions.
I understand why the owners did what they did and the reasons--- but this $14 million salary will sink us--- (much more than the lockout) along with webers attitude.... Maybe he'll grow up and turn into a leader during this time period but I doubt it.

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