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12-10-2012, 09:00 AM
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Originally Posted by seanlinden View Post
Stuff like this is exactly why the players are going to lose again.

While this group of players think that coming out to the media is going to help their case... all it's going to do is show the owners just how weak they are as an organization. The NHL has it right -- meet behind closed doors, and present a unified front.

I'm sure Larry Tanenbaum and Ron Burkle want to get back to playing already, that doesn't mean they're going to diverge from the group and weaken the NHL's bargaining position.
It's a bit different though. The guys making under 1mil per season who will never get anything close to a 5mil contract are not being looked after, only the all stars are. These guys are the mass majority, and they don't even get a voice in these negotiations.

I don't think by speaking out it will show any weakness to the NHL though. The NHL knows better than to underestimate Fehr. Just because a small group of players want something, or are "blackmailing" the union, doesn't mean it will have any effect whatsoever on Fehr's decisions. He's been through this all before, the NHL would be naive to offer a lesser thinking Fehr will accept it just because some players spoke out against him.

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