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12-10-2012, 09:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Captain_Cunney View Post
After BJ was announced as rorys' opponent:

Joe public: "this is a big step up for rory, the opponent he's been looking for. "

After he demolishes bj & makes him look like an amateur:

"he still needs to get a legit win over a name fighter."

I have no idea how a quiet Canadian who has been training since he was 14 is getting mixed in with a pompous 205 champion who has talked stupid his entire career.

There is a clear difference between these to if you are out of your teeny years & can actually objectively look the separate situations.

Rory is guilty of the in ring shuffle, hardly the first guy to do it but because he did it to the great BJ, ironically his fans are looking for other things to wine about just like him, & what else? Oh ya, he doesn't want to fight his brother from another mother in George.

How those 2 situations get him into Jones territory is mind boggling.

Jones is hated for the way he snaked Evans & yet rory is hated for doing the opposite?

MAcDonald is a good humble Canadian kid nothing like that arrorgant ass jones. He's confident & quiet which leaves a lot of cracks for the Internet angry dwarves to get on his case.
I agree. I back Macdonald as he is a good ol canadian kid with an epic amount of skill and potential. But... the shuffle it did pissed me off. If he did it and then proceeded to KTFO of BJ then hell ya epic!!! but when he did it a few times and proceeded to not take a huge shot or drastic action it was kind of

BUT he did dominate BJ. I have been a fan of BJ since he broke into the UFC but Rory made him look like an amatuer. Time for BJ to just hang it up and help train the new Gen.

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