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Originally Posted by Obryantj View Post

A RW. My RW4 is by far my weakest position on the team. Ideally I'll be looking to get a 900+ OR, 80+ EQ, 5+ CL, U-19 player to fill this spot. More OR could relax some of the other restrictions, but I'm not looking to add anyone over 21 and definitely no 3/6 players. I've been looking on the market, but have not been willing to spend 50M+ that many of these guys have gone for.

Invest in Arena. By the time the sponsorship offers arrive, I'll have the cash to upgrade another section to a max TFM. My plan during this season was to try to save enough cash to build two more max TFMs and taking a loan to make sure it happened. My team's surprising performance has kind of "spoiled" me into thinking that I could turn my team into a perennial playoff team if I spend money elsewhere.
Your team is already a perennial playoff team. All the other playoff teams quit. Stick to your plan to build the stadium.

Originally Posted by canucks357 View Post
I feel like I shouldn't feel stressed and have anxiety over my soccer team. No matter what I do I get shafted. Brutal pulls time and time again. When I do get something adequate it's at the end of the season. On top of that, I've had 4 draws in a row where I've dominated possession and shots. I am about fed up with it frankly. If I didn't have so much time invested I'd walk. I can take losing. I can't take perpetual bad luck...
Do you always use that formation with your dmen so far from the goal? That seems like a recipe for disaster. Sit a couple on the back line. Bring your SMs inside. Push both forwards near he other goal. Basically, use my formation Or Obryantj's. that sum*itch is pretty good, too.

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