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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Jan Starsi was the Czechoslovakian National Team's coach in the mid-late 70s as they beat the USSR more often than they probably should. His teams played the Left Wing Lock. Is your team set up to play the LW lock? I'm honestly not sure why Jaroslav Pitner goes so far ahead of Starsi now (including by me!) One thing I noticed after drafting Pitner was that he was not in the IIHF Hall of Fame and Starsi was.

Bill Carson is one of the better offensive players at this level. Pominville brings a little of everything. Daze was huge, but was inconsistent at using his size. But then, you aren't exactly going to get a top notch power forward in the AAA draft. I like this line even if neither wing is really a star on his own.

Kaleta is described as a "magnificent playmaking left wing," and I guess Connelly is the guy he's feeding the puck to? Schock's offense is unimpressive for a scoring line, but his two-way game is nice.

I really like your third line and without putting much effort into comparisons, imagine that they are one of the better two-way lines in the draft. Miguay went way too high in the ATD not long ago, due to VI's pimping. I think this is a good place for him though. Dutch Hiller really shouldn't have fallen past the MLD.

I really like Fergus as a two-way player at this level (I've drafted him before) and his wingers seem like solid utility players. Definitely not a crash and bang 4th line though.

Solid first pairing brings a little of everything.

We almost drafted Kent Douglas as our #6 puck mover in the MLD, but went with Streit instead. I really like Douglas as an offensive defenseman in the MLD. Orlando is a nasty brusier who complements him well.

Cechmanek has to be one of the better regular season goalies here. I have recently been convinced on HOH that there really was a case for him to win the 2000-01 Vezina, and that's on top of his play in the Czech Elite League. But man, when Cechmanek had a bad game in the playoffs, things really fell apart for him. In case Forbes is needed, what's his playoff record look like?

IMO, Douglas is one of the best offensive defensemen at this level. Seems kind of a waste not to have him on your 1st PP. 1st PP is otherwise solid. I'd prefer someone better offensively than Schock to center the 2nd PP - didn't Kaleta play some C?

PK is fine.
2 games in the NHL. Billys goalies doesnt seem like they will be around to do much in the playoffs. I like the rest of the team tho.

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