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12-10-2012, 09:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Lynk View Post
Agreed on Diaz, anytime I see those 2 get beat up I consider it a good night. I think what we saw tonight is probably a carbon copy of what GSP is going to do to Nick.

And I was rooting for McDonald as he looks to be better and better each time he steps in, but the showboating was classless. Don't get me wrong, BJ has always been a crybaby but McDonald had no business trying to act like Silva this early in his career.
Agree to a certain extent. Silva can showboat as he usually knocks out his opponent a few seconds later ( minus the Maia fight but I think that was a personal issue between the two).....Rory didnt.

The way I see it you can showboat if you can back it up in the UFC. Silva is the perfect example. he showboats then knocks the person out or taps them out. I like Rory as a fighter but if you are going to showboat then back it up and knock the person out and stop the fight..........but he did give BJ a dirty beating for three rounds. Love Penn but its time for him to retire and help train the future.

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