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12-10-2012, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Therick67 View Post
The last CBA the owners got the cap, and a 24% roll back. That's what the owners wanted, but here we are again.

I have no faith the next deal with will work for the owners either, because it appears they don't know what a good deal is.

Why would Tony want 6 wives anyway..
The cap went from 39 mil to 70.2 mil in what 6 years? The players to a man would play tomorrow with the old CBA and all I heard was how they were railroaded with that one.

If the owners have no idea how to make a deal, then why not sign up for it for 10 years? Obviously it will benefit the players, right?

Seems like the owners want to control the handful of idiot owners / GM's more then they do the players.

Liek Recchi says, sign the deal they will find ways to pay the players..they always do.

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