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Originally Posted by swimmer77 View Post
Thanks........just trying to get better insight with Hamrlik. IMO too many implied he just sat in a corner minding his own business and then had an outburst.

But according to quotes from Hamrlik and Cole..........

1. According to Hamrlik, he attended the Barcelona meetings in August.

2. Implied through quotes by both Hamrlik and Gorges: Hamrlik for a period of about one month, during the Quebec charity games, had conversations with Josh Gorges
which for some reason became privy to Cole. Through Cole's quote it was implied that Gorges and Cole came to the conclusion that Hamrlik was out to lunch. I might add that Hamrlik had been practicing with other Habs which included Mathieau Darche, a member of the negotiating committee I believe.

3. Hamrlik, through another quote, implies he "wrote" to Fehr asking for a vote on certain items.

I guess my point is that Hamrlik possibly felt like his POV fell on deaf ears and therefore he said his piece.

But with your explanation it sounds as if Hamrlik had he even attended meetings his ideas would have fallen on deaf ears.

I guess I shudder to think that Fehr and the hardliners he has wrapped around his finger are freely using every other members' wages to get what they want.

Maybe I'm reading the whole process incorrectly.
Hamrlik can ask for a vote all he wants. If bargaining committees jumped every time individual members asked them to, nothing would ever get accomplished. It's simply not feasible to keep going back to the membership to re-ask for the authority to make a deal.

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