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12-10-2012, 10:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Otters Fan View Post
First off who told you the Otters were interested in getting rid of Murphy? I agree that they were morons for him not to make the team out of camp let alone not have him up by now.

Betz is recovering still and wont be back till after christmas is my guess.
By the way you guys can keep Bateman,we dont need another small defenseman.
Hey Otter's Fan
I never said they were getting rid of the kid. It was some posting on this board that said he was mentioned in a trade to Windsor. But tell me this, you let that Glass guy go for a pick, Pelech will probably be gone for at least 6 weeks with the Juniors, and apparently this Murphy kid 6ft 200lbs plus, is lighting a fire on the Junior team as a D, something like 25 points in 22 games. So if a team has a player like that in their system, they are short D and they do not call him up, are you telling me they are still not done with the kid ? What am I missing? Send him to Windsor if the Otter's are not going to use the kid. I could understand if Eire was in the top 4 of the league, but how could that kid make them any worse. Anyhow, I feel sorry for you guys, cause this was suppose to be a much better year, but wow 8 to nothing at home on Saturday. At least I think the Spits will make the playoffs, as for Erie, you need to do something quick, or this season with all it's promise is a write off. Good Luck

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