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12-10-2012, 10:13 AM
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Originally Posted by tony d View Post
If they're that close though you figure they would still be talking. I think there still got to be an outstanding big issue out there that's preventing them from settling this.
There is an "outstanding big issue" for sure, but in my opinion that issue is not money or anything that has to do with what will be written in the CBA itself. It is a psychological elephant that separates the two. Arthur's article is bang on: on paper, there is little worth fighting over.

Unfortunately, I look at how the players dealt with the initial deal they got in July. I look at the owners' terrific act during the week that transpired. For the NHLPA, this is about the foolish notion of "winning" the negotiation; for the hawks over at ownership, it is about crushing the NHLPA's harmony.

This is precisely why I think it will be great for the NHL when both Bettman and Fehr leave, as it would be the first step in trying to bring some form of limited trust in the other party when the next CBA comes up.

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