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Originally Posted by Protest the Hero View Post
For those who suggest a free-market is fair. Would you not concede that a salary cap has created a more diverse and unpredictable, therefore better, league?
The cap system and a free market are two things. The cap system is MUCH better for the league as a whole.

People who think we are in a free market have no idea. I could give a ton of examples why we are not in a free market but I will give only 2.

1. The car industry being "saved".
2. Any business that has had access to public funds because 1. it is local. (which is protectionism)

Now I am sure that some will try to twist these facts into a free market system and this is why I only posted 2 examples because I don't want to open this kind of debate.

Back to the NHL.

The NHL is not totally a free market as it has rules. All the talk about desertification underlines the fact that it is not a free market.

I guess some people read something in a book and think the real world works the same.

Now, the reason the NHL is not a free market is because it is BETTER for the NHL that way. If the teams don't fight each other (or do fight each other but under certain rules, it benefits all the teams) You can ask the 7 oil refineries if they know something about that.

I will give you an example.

Lets say the KHL becomes profitable in the next 25 years. Lets also say that in the next 25 years, the planes will cross the ocean in 2 hours. At that point, it will become more profitable for the NHL and the KHL to work together, even maybe to merge, then to fight each other.

So currently, yes the league is better as a whole since the cap and everyone in the league has benefited. This next CBA will even the bumbs out and it will enable the NHL to reach, yet again, some new heights.

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