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12-10-2012, 10:22 AM
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Originally Posted by jw2 View Post
Well, are you forgetting about Jones vs Shogun?

Shogun looked awful. Showing better footwork and displaying some takedown capabilities against Shogun is not impressive, at this point in his career. If anything, even the slow, out of shape Shogun showed how to attack Gustafsson effectively during a fight. Jones will be much quicker than Shogun, more versatile, and with his reach, will be able to get in there and throw his jabs and make it his fight.

I think its slightly disappointing seeing Gus plateau a bit. Jones looks better with every fight, and I can't imagine Gus being enough to take the championship, at this point.
How to attack Gus effectively? Getting floored by him and trying to get a heel hook or a knee bar? Wildly throw haymakers until one lands that doesn't really do much during the fight?

Gus has beaten faster fighters with more of a striking pedigree than Jones. Jones will have problems with his size advantage being almost wholly mitigated. Jones has never fought someone who has the footwork of Gus, at least not at the time they fought. The thing that's going to win Jones the fight is his wrestling and "muscle" sub skills, that's it.

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