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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
That may be, if so, then my argument still stands in general (though not in the specifics) as it would apply quite well to most of the players in the NHL in American cities without universal health care.


My father passed away from prostate cancer in the Quebec health care system 11 months ago. I saw first-hand that different people get different levels of treatment. Some got way more attention from the doctors and nurses, better rooms, etc. The media and the politicians say that we are a compassionate society where everybody gets treated equally, but that is not what I witnessed. I saw strong variations in treatment quality. There's also a lot of things you can pay extra for, we paid for some and other people paid for more. If you have an assistant with you you get better care.

There's a lot more to cancer treatment than just the waiting time to use the machines. There's also all the treatment from complications, such as infections, etc. The frequency and detail of visits from nutritionists. The speed with which medications are approved. Et cetera.

I really doubt Koivu was treated as horribly as my father was.
Sorry for your loss. I can sympathize. With my Mother's passing I also saw how people with money get far better care than those without. Koivu was treated in a far superior manner than the majority of people in hospitals in this Province are. Koivu didn't wait at all to get treatment and was givien the best care that could be given. The same is NOT true of a fellow teacher I know who is finally going through chemo.

DAChampion and I are not the only people to see family members suffer under the medicare system we have in Quebec while superstars get better treatment. It is a reality, unfortunately.

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