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12-10-2012, 10:22 AM
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Westgarth talks about negotiating with owners

As a Princeton grad, he somewhat feels the need to excel at all aspects of his life.

“There are a half-dozen or more players who knew exactly where we were and could detail every aspect of where we were at,” Westgarth said, referring to last week’s talks. The league brought in four owners to join Jeremy Jacobs of Boston and Murray Edwards of Calgary in the negotiations.
“It became obvious that the guys they brought in had nowhere near a complete understanding of what the proposals were and where we were in the negotiations,” Westgarth said. “I thought it was great that Ron Burkle, Larry Tanenbaum, Mark Chipman and Jeff Vinik got involved — clearly they’re passionate and care about the game — but it shows how tightly controlled the league is.”

“Part of their tactics is to demonize Don — we’ve seen it before,” Westgarth said. The settlement ending the 2004-5 lockout was not signed by the union’s executive director at the time, Bob Goodenow. He had been excluded from the process.
Westgarth was asked if the players would agree to another set of talks without Donald Fehr present at all times.
“I think it would be unreasonable to restrict who is in the room, but that’s a decision for a great number of players to make,” he said.

Interesting that the owners were not as "briefed"/knowledgeable about the status as the players in last week's meetings.

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